Low salary ups risk for hypertension

blood-pressureTrying to make ends meet is not just bad for your finances but it also puts you at a higher risk for hypertension. High blood pressure, in turn, makes you more prone to stroke, heart disease, and other problems.

The study involved collecting health data from 5,000 individuals between 25 to 65 years old between 1999 thru 2005. The subjects do not have hypertension when the study started. The results of the research showed that workers who had the lowest salaries were more likely to suffer from high blood pressure than those with higher wages.

There were previous studies that linked socioeconomic status to blood pressure but there was no study that was very specific to wages. The relationship between these factors may be due to the social stresses linked with income. Another factor to look into is the day to day stress encountered by those with lower wages.

In case you also struggle with a low salary and hypertension, here are some tips how you can keep your BP in check:

Get enough sleep

Those who sleep less than 8 hours are more prone to have hypertension. The risk is higher by 37% for every hour of sleep that you miss.

Listen to classical music

Researchers found that listening to classical music for around half an hour per day can help lower high blood pressure. Listening to your favorite music for an hour bi-monthly can also help lower blood pressure by as much as 6 mmHg.

Eat some bananas

Bananas contains around 422mg of potassium so it can help a lot in controlling your blood pressure. Potassium somehow lessens the effect of sodium in your body that is believed to be a factor in hypertension. Other good foods for hypertensive individuals include potatoes, avocados, and edamame.

Top jobs to keep you in good health

When you say you have a healthy job, the explanation goes beyond the work hazards such as using heavy machines and being exposed to dangerous materials. The employees should also have benefits, be respected, and have control over their job. Every situation may be different but there can be a thing or two that we can borrow from the best jobs you can have:

Fitness Instructor

Any career that may require one to exercise, naturally, will be among the healthest professions. This includes personal trainers, running coach, yoga instructors, and choreographers. These works offer some space for creativity, schedule flexibility, and interaction with other people.

Software Engineer

Software engineers may be staring at computers and machines most of the day giving us the impression that it is an unhealthy job but latest surveys that these people are among the happiest. The working environment is very progressive and often they are accountable for the quality of work instead of the hours spent in the office.



Being close to nature and having plants around you all day has been proven to alleviate stress levels and lower blood pressure. This work environment may also be true for landscapers, gardeners, and horticulturists. Of course, there are deadlines to meet and the pressure to impress your clients.

Allied health workers

These professionals include occupational therapists, dietitians, lab techs, and medical records technicians. Unlike nurses or doctors, these people have a more regular work day in an office environment or laboratory. And since they know a lot about health, they tend to lead healthy lifestyles.

Government employees

City, state, and federal workers get excellent benefit packages compared to workers in the private sector. They get enough vacation time and holidays off. The government also implements wellness program and its employees are among the first ones to try them out. There might be some exceptions to this category like teachers, nurses, doctors, and public safety workers who deal with a lot of stress on a regular basis.

Health Tips to boost your energy

Do you often feel tired and sleep deprived? Read on and the following health tips might just work to get that much needed kick of energy:


We associate yawning for sleepiness but it is actually your body’s means of cooling the brain down and waking it up.


Get moving for at least ten minutes and you can guarantee yourself around two hours of feeling fresh and revived. This was a according to a research published on Personality and Social Psychology.


Watch something funny

Enjoy the great videos you can find on YouTube or elsewhere online. Laughing will increase your blood pressure and raise your heart rate a bit, pumping your energy up.


According to a study done by experts from the University of Rochester, seeing something red can actually shift your energy level into a higher gear. The scarlet shade somehow makes your muscles work harder and faster leading to a good spurt of energy when you really need it.

Chia seeds

If you are not fond of espresso shots, try to get a boost of energy from chia seeds. The chia seeds come with a lot of protein, fiber, and vitamin B that can surely revitalize your body. You can sprinkle the chia seeds on your yogurt and it will do you wonders.


Stretch your arms up and reach up the frame of a door. Use your fingers to grab the frame of the door and push your chest forward until you feel it on your back and torso. Hold the position for half a minute. This particular stretching excites the sympathetic nervous system so it perks one up.

Making most of the fitness ball to bounce off your belly fat

leg-exercises-tb-seated-calf-raiseIf you want to bounce off some extra luggage from the tummy area, you will need a gym ball and about 30 minutes of your time. You will be burning a few hundred calories if you do the following as quick as you can:

Basic Bounce

Sit tall on the gym ball with your feet firmly planted on the ground and your knees bent as if you are just sitting normally. Tighten your core muscles and bounce. Bounce up and just enjoy the ride and let your feet of the ground. Do this for about five minutes while bouncing you can vary the movements of your arm to challenge your core muscles.

Jumping Jack and reach

While you are seated on the fitness ball, jump up with your legs apart, put them together, and apart again. Then you stand up and reach one hand up to the opposite direction while using the other hand to hold the ball in place. Sit back, put legs together, and repeat the whole thing for the other side. Now do four reps of this and after that do the basic bounce. Repeat everything three times.

Roll and do a twist

Your upper back must be supported by the ball, hips lifted, arms up pointing to the ceiling, hands clasped, while your legs are out forming a bridge. Tighten your gluts. Rotate shoulder to the right, back to the middle, then to the left. Walk your feet towards the ball so you will be using your abs and push yourself up to a sitting position. Do this for 12 times. Do the basic bounce after each rep for about sixteen counts.


While you are seated on the ball, do lunges on one side while keeping your hands on the ball. Do the same for the other side. If you want more challenge, you can touch the floor with one hand while keeping the other hand up pointing to the ceiling. Do about sixteen reps for this and the basic bounce for about a minute.

Health Tips: Going Green and Saving Money

Lowering your carbon footprint does not only make you among the green crusaders in the world but also makes you a healthier person. Aside from that, you also get to put in some money into your savings account for the rainy days:

Choose the right eco-wear

If you will be working out, you might as well look for sports wear made of green or eco friendly materials. There are pants, shorts, and tops in the market which are made from recycled materials like cocona fabrics which come coconut. These garments dry really quick and also provide very good protection against the sun and possible bad odors.

Find good deals for exercise equipment and gadgets

Whether you are looking for exercise videos, a treadmill, bike, or a stair climber, you can find great deals for swap or for bargain in online forums and websites. You can also find used mp3 players on these sites so you can save as much as 50% compared to buying new ones. Just make most out of the deal and get those which are still covered by their warranties.

Drink Smarter

Use less water for your daily shower, use less of the heater, and voila lower utility bill. There are companies now which designs and markets shower heads which regulates the flow of water to the head so it can be heated and then only release it when you turn the valve on. There are also low flow showers which can save you gallons of water per month.

Breathe easier

You can use air purifiers which can pull in the smallest allergens, dust, and any chemical found in the air. Instead of spewing them back out, these filter vacuums trap them within the system to ensure that you are takng in cleaner air.

Keeping it cool

You can also use digital thermostats to make sure you have a comfortable temperature at home. These are cheap options which you can buy in stores but in the long run can save you a lot of money.

How to reduce wrinkles naturally

the most effective ways to reduce wrinklesInstead of spending a ton of money for medical procedures or on expensive creams, why don’t you try to natural remedies to reduce those wrinkles?

Egg whites

You can whip some egg whites in a bowl and massage your skin with it. Allow the egg whites to just sit there and dry for about 15 minutes. After it dries up, just wash it off with some warm water and let the natural Vitamin E and Vitamin B work wonders on your skin.

Olive Oil

If you want a softer and supple skin, you can go to your kitchen and look for that ever reliable olive oil. You just need a few drops. Massage the olive oil on your face before going to bed and just use a soft towel to rinse it off. You will be amaze that after a while, your skin will be healthier and a lot softer.


Using a gentle lotion, give your face a few minutes of good massage. Use a gentle but firm massage. Give attention to the problem zones like the forehead, under your eyes, and neck. If you want, you can also go to your favorite spa and get their rejuvenating facial massage.

Lemon Juice

Beyond fish and chips and tequila shots, lemon can also help with your wrinkles and fine lines of your face. The natural acidity of this citrus will help the look have that glow and also reduce wrinkles. Plus you can enjoy the good smell of lemon to feel revived and refreshed.

Vegetables and Fruits

Make sure you eat a lot of fruits and veggies thru the day. This rich in vitamin food group will help your skin have that glow from within as cells become healthier. You can enjoy them with your meal or extract their juice or make fruit smoothies.

Healthy Lunch Ideas

In order for a person to be productive all day, he or she must eat a healthy lunch. Many people who work or go to school have limited time for lunch and there is temptation to run to the nearest fast food restaurant and get something that is unhealthy. That is why health experts advise packing lunch because meals that are prepared at home are generally more healthy than ones that are prepared in restaurants. Fortunately, there are many lunches that can be prepared at home and are both delicious and nutritious. In the subsequent paragraph, they will be discussed.

Salmon SandwichesA turkey or ham sandwich is a great selection for lunch. These meats are low in fat and calories and are high in the protein that the body needs. In order for one to make this a filling meal, he or she should add some fruit or veggies with dip. Salads are a popular lunch time choice and for good reason. They are filled with vegetables that contain many essential vitamins and minerals and not to mention, delicious. The great thing about salads is that one can get creative and make many different combinations of vegetables. It is important to remember that many salad dressings are high in fat and add empty calories. Instead, a person should opt to for fat-free, reduced calorie and/or light dressing. A salmon sandwich or a shrimp sandwich are less conventional, but very tasty, good options too. Doesn’t the photo on the right make you hungry?


Tips to overcome the health hazards this summer

p64 summerThe warm weather is great and the sun can be really fun. Going outside though requires some caution on your part since going outdoors involves more than putting some sunscreen on.

Here are some warm weather tips for everyone:

10% Rule

If you want to get fit to fit into your favorite swimwear we suggest that you follow the 10% rule.  This rule means increasing your activity every week gradually instead of going all out immediately which can cause injuries. Ramp up slowly and get in shape.

Walking before running

Unfamiliar paths or terrains are the most common causes of sprains and slips. Don’t go running on an unfamiliar ground. Warm up a bit by walking and also looking for hazards on the path which may cause some mishaps and you need to avoid.


The Four Iridology Exams!

eyes-of-a-childIf there is one thing I know about natural remedies and natural treatments is that there is actually a natural way to diagnose a lot of the diseases that we have and deal with every single day.  Iridology is one of the many natural ways to do this and I can promise that it is one surefire way to do it.

Iridology is actually deeper look into the eyes and while it might take a specialized person to do it, once it is done, I can promise that you will be amazed at exactly how accurate Iridology truly is.  There are four exams that you need to go through in order to complete the diagnosing process.

One is the Sclera exam, next is the cornel exam, the retinal exam and finally, the pupil exam.  These are all exams designed to find specific designs.

Tips & Tricks To Get Over A Cold Naturally: 2

gargleDM130307_228x228Now that we have talked a little bit about drinking hot liquids, let’s talk about another thing that can really, really help you, especially when you have a sore throat.  This is something that I would never want to do and certainly something that I did not believe in, however it works.  Salt water gargling.  This is something that many people do not do, but I can promise it works!

What salt water does is it actually moistens your sore throat and will reduce the tickle that you feel.  You can also use tea to gargle with as well as honey, as these are things that have been known to work.

Most importantly, when you are sick, do not try to do too much – make sure that you stay rested.  I can promise that this is going to help you in the long run.